Top 10 Highest-Paid Athletes in the World 2023

There are thousands of athletes in the world. Some of these thousands of athletes are such that they become very famous and rich through their hard work and skills, and some athletes neither earn money nor fame. Have you ever thought that there are so many athletes in the world, so many sports, so who is the richest athlete in this world?

In this list by following the list given by Forbes, you will get to know who is the top 10 highest-paid athletes in the world right now. Footballers, basketball players, boxers, and tennis players are on this list.

10. Kevin Durant 

Net Worth: $89.1 Million (On-Field: $44.1 Million | Off-Field: $45 Million)

Sports: Basketball    

Nationality: American

If you’re a fan of the NBA, you’ve probably heard of Kevin Durant. This talented forward has made over half a billion dollars in his career. And he still needs to be done. Kevin’s new contract with the Brooklyn Nets will bring him $198 million over four years, taking him through the 2026 season. The Nets knew how great Durant was and wanted to keep him around for as long as possible.

Durant is still under contract for four more years, so teams aren’t likely to get rid of him. But a four-year deal will entice them to offer more money. But they can’t afford to lose him if they don’t want him. That’s why the team should make a deal, not wait.

Besides basketball, Durant is also a successful entrepreneur. He’s invested in several notable companies, including a delivery service called Postmates, an investment app called Acorns, a transportation rental service called Lime, and an audio company called Master & Dynamic. He also owns a $15.6 million mansion in Hidden Hills, a posh suburb of Los Angeles. The property has two stories and 10,000 square feet.

Kevin Durant Basketball is one of the richest athletes in the world. His salary is $30 million, but most of his money comes from endorsement deals. He has multiple shoe deals worth up to $300 million, including one with Nike.

9. Roger Federer 

Net Worth: $95.1 Million (On-Field: $0.1 Million | Off-Field: $95 Million)

Sports: Tennis 

Nationality: Switzerland

Last year, Roger Federer earned $90 million before taxes and agents’ fees. This money came from various endorsements, appearances, and other business ventures. As a result, he is one of the highest-paid athletes in the world. This year, he will miss the Wimbledon championship due to an injury.

After becoming a professional in 1999, Roger Federer achieved high success. He has won several prestigious tournaments and is considered a personality beyond tennis. He is recovering from an injury and hopes to return later this year. In addition to earning millions of dollars, he is an excellent role model.

While he hasn’t played competitive tennis in over 14 months, he remains the world’s highest-paid tennis player. He earned $90.7 million in sponsorships and appearances last year, which accounts for a massive portion of his income. He also continues to be the most successful tennis player in the world despite missing the US Open this year.

Despite missing the US Open due to a knee injury, Roger Federer is the highest-paid male tennis player. He earns over $90.7 million a year before taxes and expenses. Unlike most players, his income is mainly derived from endorsements and is a large part of his net worth.

8. Stephen Curry 

Net Worth: $100.4 Million (On-Field: $48.4 Million | Off-Field: $52 Million)

Sports: Basketball

Nationality: American

Stephen Curry has become one of the most famous athletes in the world, and his popularity has translated into massive earnings. According to Forbes, he is set to be the fifth highest-paid athlete in the world in 2022. Last season, Curry earned a $45.8 million salary and another $7 million off the court.

In addition to his lucrative basketball contract, Stephen Curry is a businessman. He has signed multiple endorsement deals with brands, including Brita and Unilever/Degree. He also has partnered with JPMorgan Chase and Infiniti. He also has a cryptocurrency venture, SC30, to help manage his investments and partnerships. Stephen Curry has also ventured into film production as an executive producer on the movie Jump Shot. He signed a deal with Comcast NBCUniversal and Sony Pictures in 2018 and 2021.

Curry has partnered with big-name brands such as Google, Under Armour, and Callaway Golf. He has also been featured in commercials for CarMax and Subway. According to Forbes, Curry’s net worth has soared to $92.8 million as of 2022. Despite his vast earnings, he has remained modest and has donated to many charities throughout his career.

The Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry is expected to become the highest-paid NBA player in 2022. He won his fourth NBA championship on June 16 with a game-winning performance of 34 points and seven rebounds. This year, his net worth will climb even higher.

7. Phil Mickelson

Net Worth: $106 Million (On-Field: $104 Million | Off-Field: $2 Million)

Sports: Golf

Nationality: American

Phil Mickelson, often called “Lefty,” is an American golf icon whose illustrious career has left an indelible mark on the sport. Phil was in San Diego, California, on June 16, 1970; Mickelson’s journey to success has been characterized by unwavering dedication and a passion for the game.

Mickelson’s skill and finesse on the golf course have captivated audiences worldwide with multiple major championship victories and an impressive collection of PGA Tour wins. His signature left-handed swing and strategic acumen have set him apart as a true golfing maestro.

Beyond his on-course achievements, Mickelson’s magnetic personality and sportsmanship have earned him a legion of devoted fans. As one of the highest-paid athletes globally, he has secured lucrative sponsorship deals with renowned brands, further cementing his place as a sporting legend.

Despite his fame and fortune, Mickelson remains humble and committed to giving back to the community through philanthropic endeavors. As he continues defying age and inspiring golf enthusiasts, Phil Mickelson’s legacy as one of the all-time greats in the sport is firmly etched in history.

6. Dustin Johnson

Net Worth: $107 Million (On-Field: $102 Million | Off-Field: $5 Million)

Sports: Golf

Nationality: American

Dustin Johnson, an American professional golfer, has solidified his status as a golfing legend, leaving an indelible mark on the sport. Phil was born on June 22, 1984, in Columbia, South Carolina; Johnson’s journey to success is a testament to talent, dedication, and unwavering determination.

Over the years, Johnson has achieved numerous accolades, including winning multiple PGA Tour events and claiming the first position in the Official World Golf Ranking. His powerful swing and remarkable consistency have earned fans and fellow athletes admiration.

Beyond his sporting prowess, Johnson has also emerged as one of the highest-paid athletes in the world. Through lucrative endorsement deals with major brands and tournament winnings, he has amassed substantial wealth, setting new standards in professional golf.

Yet, amidst all the success and fame, Johnson remains grounded and focused on his craft. His commitment to excellence and continuous improvement promises an even brighter future for this exceptional golfer, leaving fans eager to witness his future triumphs on the green.

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5. Saul Canelo Alvarez 

Net Worth: $110 Million (On-Field: $100 Million | Off-Field: $10 Million)

Sports: Boxing

Nationality: Mexican

The estimated earnings of Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, a Mexican professional boxer, could put him in the billionaire club. The Mexican has dated some of the world’s most beautiful women. His estimated career earnings would put him in the same league as sporting royalty such as Floyd Mayweather, who drives a supercar and lives a lavish lifestyle outside of the ring, Canelo Alvarez has a variety of business ventures. He owns a taco restaurant in Mexico and a chain of gas stations. He has also been linked to the DAZN streaming service, estimated to be worth $365 million.

The lawsuit also demands $280 million from Canelo in damages for lost gate revenue and sponsorship. The two men have been bickering for a year. During that time, it was predicted that Canelo would not fight again until 2020. After the lawsuit, DAZN, the streaming service, was upset with the opponents and offered Canelo half his guaranteed $35 million purse.

Canelo Alvarez is the face of boxing. Forbes magazine estimated he earned $90 million in the past 12 months. He is currently the highest-paid boxer in the world. His professional debut was in 2005 in a small Mexican town, but his pay has grown exponentially.

4. LeBron James 

Net Worth: $119.5 Million (On-Field: $44.5 Million | Off-Field: $75 Million)

Sports: Basketball

Nationality: American

According to Forbes, LeBron James has become the 1st active NBA player to become a billionaire. Last year he was the fifth-highest-paid player in the league. He made $41.2 million from the Lakers and another $80 million in other earnings. This makes him the second-highest-paid athlete in the world. Only Michael Jordan has earned more than $130 million, and that was after his playing career ended in 2014.

LeBron James has won four NBA titles and played in 10 NBA Finals. He has made millions of fans proud by winning championships with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat, and Los Angeles Lakers. Although he hasn’t been able to make it to the NBA playoffs this season, he has his eye on the prize and has the means to make it.

In addition to his basketball skills, LeBron James has become a generous philanthropist. His family foundation has given significant donations to numerous charitable causes. It has also funded projects and programs supporting at-risk children and youth. The Boys and Girls Club of America’s After-School All-Stars program is another important project that LeBron has endorsed. The Children’s Defence Fund is another organization that has helped children worldwide.

In addition to being a world-famous basketball player, LeBron has made a name for himself as a movie star. He has starred in several films, primarily as himself, including Trainwreck (2015) and Smallfoot (2018). LeBron also produced a documentary about his high school years, “The Shop,” now on HBO.

3. Kylian Mbappé

Net Worth: $120 Million (On-Field: $100 Million | Off-Field: $20 Million)

Sports: Soccer

Nationality: France

Kylian Mbappé, the French football prodigy, has taken the world by storm with his exceptional talent and mesmerizing skills on the pitch. Mbappé was born in Bondy, France, on December 20, 1998; Mbappé’s rise to stardom has been nothing short of meteoric.

At a tender age, he showcased prodigious abilities, catching the attention of football enthusiasts and scouts alike. Today, as one of the highest-paid athletes globally, Mbappé has justified every bit of the hype surrounding him. His lightning speed, precise finishing, and outstanding playmaking have made him a pivotal force for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and the French national team.

Off the field, Mbappé’s charismatic personality and humble demeanor have endeared him to fans worldwide. He has secured lucrative endorsement deals with top brands, boosting his earnings beyond the pitch.

2. Lionel Messi 

Net Worth: $130 Million (On-Field: $65 Million | Off-Field: $65 Million)

Sports: Soccer    

Nationality: Argentine

According to the latest Forbes list of highest-paid athletes, Lionel Messi is the second highest-paid soccer player in the world. His annual earnings total $130 million, with $65 million from soccer and another $65 million from endorsements. This makes him the second highest-paid athlete in the world, surpassing Kylian Mbappé and LeBron James.

Messi is a multi-millionaire known for his incredible work off the field. He raises money for various charities through international football matches and individual fundraising activities. He also has endorsement deals with multiple companies, including Budweiser and PepsiCo. Moreover, he recently became the first athlete brand ambassador of Hard Rock International.

According to Forbes, Messi will be the 2nd highest-paid footballer in the world in 2023. His salary and sponsorship deals will total EUR 126 million. The average salary of a professional footballer is roughly $11 million a year. According to Forbes, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi earn over $130 million each.

In addition to being the highest-paid player in the world, Messi has become a household name in the US, with a massive social media following. Ronaldo earned $115 million after leaving Juventus for Manchester United. His social media presence also helps him generate higher sponsorship fees.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo 

Net Worth: $136 Million (On-Field: $46 Million | Off-Field: $90 Million)

Sports: Soccer

Nationality: Portuguese

Cristiano Ronaldo’s annual salary is in the $115 million range, making him the third highest-paid athlete in the world. The Portuguese superstar is considered the best goal scorer in soccer history and has already made over US$1 billion in his career. He is currently worth a reported US$500 million. In May 2020, he was set to become the first billionaire in football.

Ronaldo will join Al Nasar after spending twenty years in Europe. The Saudi club expressed gratitude to their star player in a statement released after the news. Ronaldo will be a vital part of Al Nasar’s success, and the move marks the end of an era for the decade.

Ronaldo was entitled FIFA Player of the Year five times in his career, and his lifelong deal with Nike has made him the most lucrative athlete in the world. His CR7 brand sells clothing, accessories, and hotels, contributing to his massive earnings. John D. Rockefeller is often considered the first billionaire, and he achieved this status in 1916 with the acquisition of Standard Oil.

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Source of the list: Forbes

NOTE: The above list is subject to change in the future. We will update it accordingly.

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