10. Valentine's Day Comes From The Man Valentine From The Roman Times. He Was A Priest And Was Made A Saint After His Death!

9. Nearly 250 Million Roses Are Grown In Preparation For Valentine's Day Each Year.

8. Americans Send 145 Million Valentine's Day Cards Each Year.

7. Around 85% Of Valentine's Day Cards Are Bought By Women.

6. More Than 8 Billion Conversation Hearts Are Manufactured Each Year

5. Cupid Is Often On Valentine's Cards And Gifts

4. International Quirkyalone Day Is A Holiday For Single People On The Same Date. The Holiday Isn't An Anti-Valentine's Day Event, But Rather A Moment To Celebrate Self-Love And Platonic Relationships.

3. Around 73% Of Flowers Are Bought By Men!

2. Valentine's Day Is One Of The Most Popular Days For Proposals.

1. Most People Will Give Candy And Greeting Cards To Their Loved Ones, Although Many Will Also Spend Money On Flowers, Gift Cards, And Clothing.